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    We established in 2004 by group of professionals, Edsmart careers LLP is one of the most sought after education consultants in India representing over 200 reputed universities & 500 colleges across the globe. We have exclusive contract with world leading medical universities from deferent countries and we have sent thousand students to various world-class universities/ colleges around the world.

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Due to our thorough and detailed oriented process, edsmart enjoys a visa success rate of 100%. Visa counseling is the second most important component of study abroad counseling.

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This forms the main component of our responsibility. edsmart records a 100% admission success rate in student admissions at universities and colleges around the world.

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Edsmart has an outstanding track record in procuring scholarships and financial aid for our students from universities around the world, and one that is the best in the industry.

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We understand that studying abroad for the first time can be a challenge. To ensure you have a smooth landing at your destination, Edsmart provides for a host of support services.